People and Planet are the new economies.  It is in these that we apply our technology in order to share our considered foresight, ethics and no-nonsense approach.  Our intent is to harvest the best the earth has to offer for its inhabitants with as little harmful impact as possible and to provide affordable products for many.

RWH Holdings is a strategic management company that has a number of wholly and partly-owned subsidiaries.  It prides itself on its innovative thinking and skills which are underpinned by traditional old-world values and ethics.

RWH Holdings has purchased the exclusive regional license for Africa for the patented process and technology Dynamic Cellular Disruption® developed by Green Cell Technologies®.

This technology allows our companies to operate in industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical, cosmoceutical and nutriceutical
  • Functional foods and beverages
  • Agricultural – crop, animal and earth husbandry
  • Renewable energy – bio-diesel, bio-ethanol and infusion of water into fossil fuel
  • Liquid sterilisation
  • Homogenisation

In addition to its interests in DCD®, RWH Holdings also conducts business in a number of other sectors where it can continue to employ its innovative thinking.

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